Tuesday, 2 September 2014

Write a letter to your friend describing about a train journey

Write a letter to your friend describing about a train journey

3,Dattapara Road
Tongi- Gazipur-1705

My dear salam

I would like to share  my experience of the air journey with you.
My first flight is  a memorable event of my life. I received a letter from my uncle at chittagong together with a plane ticket. He asked me to go there and stay with  them for a couple of days. The ticket was a fokkar flight on September 30,2004. I reached the Zia international Airport about  one hour before the flight. I had my ticket checked and my luggage weighed and took the boarding card.After about fifteen minutes the flight was announced. Going along with other passaengers towards the tarmac,I boarded the plane. My seat was by the side of a window. Just in front of me there was  a sign with the words: fasten your seat belt. No smoking.” After a few minutes the plane moved along the run way and then began to take off. I saw outsid. The  houses below looked like doll houses, the paddy fields looked like green carpets and the rivers appeared as broad lines on a drawing sheet. The air hostess came with a tray in her hand and gave some light and delicious refreshments. In about 40 minutes the plane landed at Chittagong Airport and we came to our journey’s end. It was an enjoyable that filled my heart with thrill and excitement.
It brought a change and  recreation in my monotonous life.
No more today.
With love.


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