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Write a letter to your father informing him about your preparation of the SSC test/Annual examination.

July 30, 2005
Samia Rahman


My dear father,
My Salam to you and mother. Hope, you all are keeping well by the grace of almighty. I am also well. I have not heard any news for a long time. I could not write to you during the long period. But today I could not but write to you to tell you good news.
You will be glad to know that I stood first in the final Model test of our school. You know I could not do very well in the pre-test examination. But after it was over, I began to study vigorously. I got 80% marks only in Mathematics .I thought about it seriously. I found no subject hard to me. Earlier I did not study on any subject very seriously except Mathmatics.Before our test examination I studied very well for two months. Everyday I started to study at 6:30 p.m. closing the door of my reading room and continued up to 12:00 (midnight) with a gap of 20 minutes for supper in he middle. Every morning I checked what I learnt the previous night through writing. I just placed the questions on the table and wrote their answers within a fixed time. After that I myself assessed them with the help of the answers prepared earlier by my subject teachers. You can say, I was in deep study while night and I sat for exam in every morning. The practiced helped me so much that I have done quite well in the Model test held after the test examination of our school. I can assure you that if God wishes I can fulfill your expectation in the coming examination. Now I am quite hopeful of having my SSC result with GPA 5.In the final Model Test I got grade point 5 in every subject. And in my most favorite subjects, Mathematics and Physics, I got 100 and 97 marks respectively. This is all about how I prepared for the coming SSC examination.

Convey my Salam to mother and love to the younger.

Your affectionate daughter
Samia Rahman
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