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Write a letter to your cousin describing what you did on that day in a fare well party as one of the guests.

 Sharif Mahmud
June 23,2005

Dattapara, Tongi


My dear Newaz
At the begining of the letter,take my heartiest love and best wishes.Hope you are hale and hearty by the grace of Almighty Allah A letter of your at my hand.
I would like to describe to you what I did on a recent farewell party.Last Friday a farewell party was arranged by some young boys in our locality.It was arranged by some young boys in our locality.It was arranged to bid a farewell to a friend of us.He had been living in our locality for more than five years.He was leaving us due to his father’s tranfer in job.I was invited there as one of the gusets.The farewell ceremony started at 4:oo pm.A few boys spoke on the occasion.They spoke highly of the leaving friend’s freindliness,sincerity,honesty and so on.Some boys became very emotional.

Then I was asked to say some words on that occasion.At first I thanked the organisers of the party.I also thanked them for inviting me to it.Moreever, I appreciated them for arranging such a nice farewell party.Then I said some words on the friendly and co-operative behaviour of our leaving friend.This time I also became somewhat emotional.I finished my speech in short and came back to my seat.After this,the friend was asked to say something .While he was speaking, his eyes were soaked with tears.Thus there was a touching scene in the farewell party.
At last, I presented the friend a bunch of roses,embraced him and wished him best of luck.After this,the party came to an end.
No more today.Please do write to me soon.
Your cousin
Sharif Mahmud

*Draw an envelop and write full address.*


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