Wednesday, 3 September 2014

Write a letter to your friend describing about your visit to the Mohakhali Flyover.

Dhaka cant.
My dear Sagor,
I received your letter yesterday. I am glad to know that you are all well. I am also fine. Today I am going to write you about my visit the Mohakhali flyover.
Last evening I went to Mohakhali with my father to see the Mohakhali flyover, which was opened yesterday for public transport. It looks like a bridge over the road. I could not imagine that such a thing would be built in our country. In the evening light it displayed a wonderful scene. Hundreds of vehicles were playing over the flyover. A Chinese company constructed the flyover.
Let me stop here. Convey my best regards to your parents and love to all.
Your loving friend.
* Draw an envelope and write full name & address of the writer and the addressee.*


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