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Write a letter to your friend consoling him on the death of his mother.

  July 31,2005
Samira Rahman

My dear friend Farjana,
Man is mortal. No man is immortal. One must die earlier and one must die later.But she/he has to do some work in the world. If he did it,he is a succesful man.The news of the sudden death of your mother has come to me as a bolt from the blue. When I visited your house lately, I found her quite hale and hearty. But nobody can foresee the cruel hands of death will be laid down on whom. The demise of your mother is really a rude shock and an irrespirable loss. I realize how terribly it shakes you with sorrow. It is futile to tell you words of consolation at this hour of bereavement would just request you to pluck up courage and be a the loss with patience. May Allah give the departed soul eternal peace

With all the best wishes.

Your loving friend

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