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Write a letter to your friend advising /requesting him not to adopt unfair means in the examination.

 July 30, 2005
Samia Rahman

Dear Nisha,
At first my love to you. I hope you are keeping well. I have just received your letter. I am glad to learn that you are preparing yourself for the ensuring SSC examination. I hope you will do a brilliant result in the examination. This time is the best time to be prepared for the ensuring examination. You know, now a days, there is a bad tendency among the students not to study but to adopt unfair means in the examination. It cannot make them perfect. It will not be able to offer them real education. But I would like to make you cautious that you should never try to adopt unfair means in the examination. It is really crime, which spoils a student forever. One may pass the examination by adopting unfair means, but his future life is full of darkness. This is one thing that will break down their career .If they cannot pass first time, they can try next. I think failure is more acceptable than adopting unfair means. Follow my advice and you will be succeeded and benefitted.

No more to day. Convey my regards to parents and love to the younger.
Samia Rahman

                                                                                 * Draw an envelop and write address.*


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