Tuesday, 2 September 2014

Write a letter to your friend describing the food and food habit of Bangladesh people.

Zakir Hossain


My dear Friend Hasan,
Hope this letter will find your hale hearty. I have received your letter just now. You have wanted to know about the food the food habit of the people of our country. I am glad to tell you a few lines about the food and food habits of Bangladeshi people.
In Bangladesh people usually are used to taking three meals a day, breakfast lunch and dinner. They are fond of rice. Fish, vegetables and pulses. People usually eat rice and one or two curries for both lunch and dinner. There are large varieties of fish in our country. But Hilsha is the most popular of all fishes. We have also different types of fruits including mangoes, Jackfruits, Bananas etc.We have different kinds of pithas during the winter season.
No, more today, I shall be very happy if you let me know the food habit of the people of your country.
Your ever
Draw an envelop and write full addresses of the writer and receiver.*


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