Tuesday, 2 September 2014

Write a letter to the editor of a newspaper/journal for relief to a flood affected area.

22 November,2014
Binodpur,Mohammadpur Magura.

The Editor
The Bangladesh observer

Would you kindly publish the following lines in the columns of your esteemed Journal.
Immediate Relief of Binodpur
Binodpur is a small village in the district of Magura. Like many others places in the country, It is in the grip og a devastating flood. Most of the house have gone under water and many small huts have collapsed altogether. People have taken shelter on a few dry spots, house tops and even on tress. There is terrible suffering for cattle and other domestic creatures. Scarcity of food and diseases have made the life of the people miserable I would call upon the government relief agencies and voluntary organizations to come to the rescue of the people who would simply perish if their sufferings continue indefinitely.
Yours sincerely
Tanvir Ahsan
On behalf of the suffering people of Binopur.


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