Tuesday, 2 September 2014

Young Heroes paragraph for SSC

 Young Heroes
Young boys are called Young heroes for their important activities or roles in the society. Young heroes are brave, sincere and responsible in their duties. Anwar and Kashem, Rina and Luna are young heroes for their helpful activities. Though they were young, they acted like heroes. One afternoon Rina’s grandmother fell down on the street. They felt the necessity of taking her to the hospital. Actually it was a responsible work. Rina behaved responsibly by taking care of Tunu. She entertained her with a nice story. Young heroes are also very conscious about social progress. They try to improve their lot and condition. Some students wanted to make a garden. They discussed with their teacher and collected all the necessary things for the garden and made a garden in their school. They worked very hard in their garden. Their teacher praised them highly. That is why, like those young heroes, we all the young people should work properly as we are called young heroes.

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