Monday, 1 September 2014

My Mother/My grandmother paragraph

My Mother/My grandmother
(Avgvi gv/`v`x gv)
The person whom I pride on is my mother. My mother name is------ .She is a gift of Allah. She is about --- years old. She is well educated and well behaved. She loves all of our family members. She says five times Prayer everyday. She also inspires us to say five times prayer. She takes special care if any of our family members is ill. she always wears simple dress. She leads a very simple life. She is very honest , kind , truthful ,helpful , sociable and open minded .She is very kind the poor .She tries heart and soul to solve their  problems gardening  and reading  story books are her  favourite hobbies . Her personality is a model before me. I like her for her dutifulness .She is dearest to me .Her heart always yearns for me I have been grown up under her care and affection. Her joy knows no bounds when she finds me happy .Everyday she teaches me when she finds time. So I am very proud of my mother. 

My Parents (Avgvi wcZvgvZv)
The persons whom I pride on are my parents. My parents are heaven(¯^M©) to me. No one is comparable with them. We owe much to our parents for our birth(Rb¥), growing up(eo n‡q DVv) and socialization(mvgvwRKi‡bi). (evevi bvg and(gv‡qi bvg)are my parents.
    (Dc‡ii Aby‡”Q‡`i cÖ_g jvBbwU ev` w`‡q  m¤ú~Y© Ask GLv‡b wjL‡Z n‡e Z‡e evev Gi †¶‡Î Person
     cweeZ©b K‡i He wjL‡Z n‡e|) 

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