Tuesday, 2 September 2014

Gardening (বাগান করা) paragraph For HSC

Gardening is the act of making a garden. It is one of the most interesting of all pursuits that people have. It is usually followed during leisure. To make a garden is a difficult work but it is very interesting. At first one has to select a suitable piece of land which is always sunny, fertile where water does not stand during the rainy season. One needs to plough the land properly for sowing seeds and planting seedlings. One can grow both vegetables and a flower in the garden. After sowing seeds one has to put a fence around the garden to protect from the animals. One needs to work in the garden regularly. The final steps of gardening are watering plants everyday. Nursing is also very necessary for it. Weeds should be pulled out regularly to keep the garden neat and clean. These are the process of making a garden.

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