Monday, 1 September 2014

A Magician Paragraph For PSC, JSC, JDC, SSC HSC and Degree

                                                          A Magician
                                      (GKRb hv`yKi)
The man who shows magic is called a magician. Magic is nothing but the tricks of a man. A magician maintains his family by showing magic. He is very intelligent and alert. A magician shows magic and casts spells and turns the shape of things. From our text, we come to learn about a famous magician called Frankel.He was a good magician because he only used his magic spells to make bad people good. If they improved, he would take his magic off(hv`y DwV‡q †bIqv). He used his magic spells to make his life easier and comfortable. He also used his spells to make all the household chores. When Frankel grew old, he appointed a boy called Hans to practice magic after death. Hans was a smart, intelligent and hard working young boy. Sometimes magic spells may cause harm to our life.


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