Tuesday, 2 September 2014

Climate Change Paragraph For Degree Examination

Climate Change
Climate change refers to long term changes in climate including average temperature and precipitation. Earth’s climate is changing and this is causing great concern. The changes place in the atmosphere have become one of the serious threats that world faces today. The earth’s climate has changed over the last century. Its impact will be severely negative on both mankind and nature. Human activities that contribute to climate change include in particular the burning of fossil fuels, agriculture and land-use changes like deforestation. These causes’ emissions of carbon dioxide, the main gas responsible for climate change and for this possibly many catastrophic changes will be inevitable. The more the greenhouse gases are emitted, the higher tendency will be for the earth to warm. It will widespread the melting of snow and ice. Serious consequences will be a rise in sea levels, which will endanger coastal areas and small islands. Therefore, only reducing emissions of greenhouse gases should reduce the risk of the adverse effects .Many options for emission reduction is available. But the whole world needs to be concerned to remove this fatal threat.


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