Monday, 1 September 2014

Vegetables of Bangladesh paragraph,

                                                 Vegetables of Bangladesh
Most of the people of Bangladesh are dependent on agriculture. They grow many kinds of vegetables in their fields and gardens. Vegetables are divided into two groups. Some vegetables are grown in fixed seasons. Other vegetables are grown all the year round and these vegetables are called all season vegetables. The vegetables which grow in some fixed seasons are tomato, potato, and pumpkin. All these vegetables contain many kinds of vitamins more or less. All season vegetables are brinjal, colocasia, amaranth and okra. Colacasia has big green leaves and a white root. We can eat the root only. Brinjal is also called eggplant. Amaranth’s leaves are a bit larger. Okra is green. These all season vegetables also contain so many vitamins. So we should grow all these vegetables in our garden to fill up the demand of our necessary vegetables.


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