Monday, 1 September 2014

May day /A Mournful Day Paragraph For PSC, JSC, JDC, SSC HSC and Degree Exam

May day /A Mournful Day


May day refers to a sad incident that took place in the month of May in 1886 in the American city of Chicago. May day means first May of the year, which is recognized as the international workers who laid down their lives for the interest of the workers in Chicago in May 1886. The history is that during those days the working people were suffering from over work. From the beginning of the industrial Revolution people in factories have worked very long, shifts lasting up to fourteen or even more hours a day. They could not protest for fear of losing job. However, they protested against the injustice done to them. And on May 3,1886 police fired into a protestant crowed in Chicago. The street of Chicago were smeared with the warm blood of workers. Many people were injured and one died.  All the privilege workers enjoy to day such as a minimum wage, safety laws and eight-hours workday were the outcome of the sacrifices of the workers on May3,1886. These are the rights they have achieved by their struggle. This day reminds the working class people that the workers will continue to be exploited until they stand up and speak and speak out to gain much better working condition, better pay and standard of life. On this day the working classes of the world become united irrespective of castes, creeds and nationalities. This is the glory as well as sorrow. So black flags are flown atop the offices and black badges are worn by the workers to symbolize their heartfelt grief for their fellow workers. Thus May Day has been a symbol of unity for the workers all over the world. 


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