Monday, 1 September 2014

paragraph on The Green House Effect

            The Green House Effect

Green house effect means gradual warming of the earth’s atmosphere. If the concentration of green house gases in the atmosphere continues to increase at the present rate then the green house effect rises in the earth. The global warming is caused by the accumulation of certain gases, the carbon di-oxide, CFC Methane and Nitric Acid around the world. The presence of these gases to a large degree is making the ozone layer of the earth’s atmosphere thinner day by day. At this, the ultra violet ray of the sun can easily penetrate the atmosphere of the earth. The increasing numbers of engine vehicles are increasing Carbon di oxide gas, which is making hole in the Ozone Layer. There will be a dramatic change in the climate and topography of the earth. This will reduce our ability to grow food and severely damage wild life, raise sea levels and thereby submerge the costal areas. There will be drought through out the world. Many creatures will be on the verge of extinction. Modern science is helping us to keep peace with congenial atmosphere. We must follow the guidelines to create better environment and save life on this beautiful planet.


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