Monday, 1 September 2014

A Doctor, Paragraph For PSC, JSC, JDC, SSC HSC and Degree

A  Doctor

A  Doctor is a well-known figure. He holds a unique position in the society. He is loved and respected by all. A Doctor is a qualified man. As a job Doctor is a noble profession. The service of a doctor is very important and essential for the society. By looking after the sick and the wounded persons a doctor performs one of the most important and essential services for humanity. When a sick or wounded person comes to a hospital, Doctor looks after him carefully. Once the job of Doctor was looked upon with hatred. But with the advancement of modern science and technology the narrow outlook has undergone a radical change. Now nobody neglects this profession. However, if anybody wants to be a doctor he or she will have to complete the training of four years M.B.B.S course successfully. His joys know no bound when he sees his patients recovered. He saves the poor peoples life from immature death.


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