Monday, 1 September 2014

A Street Beggar Paragraph For PSC, JSC, JDC, SSC HSC and Degree Exam

A Street Beggar

The man who begs alms in roads and streets is called street beggar. A street beggar is a familiar figure in our country.  He is usually seen to beg standing by the roadside .He is a very poor man and lives on begging. Usually he is physically deformed and thus lives on others charity. He is seen always in rugged clothes and is dirty. He carries a bowl with him. Whenever a street beggar sees a passer-by, he begs alms by spreading the bowl towards the passer-by. If he gets any alms, he becomes happy and prays for the person who has given him alms. All the streets beggar have their own way of lie and mode of approaching for alms. He tries his best to draw the sympathy of the passers-by with his peculiar voice. He often recites from the holy Quran and tries to draw other’s attention. Sometimes he uses his tricks to earn more. He leads a very deplorable life. He lives from hands to mouth. He can not give good education to his children. He leads a life of sufferings and pains. He is born unsung, remain unsung and die unsung.We should mercy by giving alms to a street beggar who is unable to work and consequently fails to maintain himself or his family.


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