Wednesday, 3 September 2014

Write a essay on Your favorite game (For JSC, SSC, HSC Exam)

My favourite game

Or, The Game I Like most

The Game of Cricket

Cricket is my favourite game.Cricket is one of the most favourite games all over the world. It is an outdoor and costly game. Though it is the national game of England, it is now popular international game.

Cricket is played (‡Ljv nq) between eleven players on each(cÖwZ) of the two sides(`yB cv‡k¦©).It is mainly played in England, Australia, South Africa, West Indies, New Zealand, India, Pakistan, Sri Lanka and South Africa but is now spreading(cÖmvwiZ n‡q‡Q) to other countries(Ab¨vb¨ †`‡k) like (we‡kl K‡i)Zimbabwe, Scotland, Wales, Ireland, east and West Africa, Canada, USA etc.

It keeps (iv‡L) our body(Avgv‡`i kixi) sound and strong(my¯’ I mej). The game of cricket needs(cÖ‡qvRb) two teams(`yB `j) of which each team has eleven players. It needs a big ground(eo gv‡V) to play. Bats, balls and two sets(`yB †mU) of stumps are also needed. Two umpires conduct(cwiPvjbv) the game.

At the beginning(ïi“‡Z) of the match, a toss is adopted(MÖnY Kiv nq) to select(wbevP©b) a fielding group and a batting group.The batsman may be out in many ways. He may be bowled out, run out, stumped out and caught out.

When a bowler bowls(ej K‡i),a batsman hits(AvNvZ K‡i)the ball away and changes(cwieZ©b nq) position(Ae¯’vb) with his partner before the ball is received(MÖnY Kiv nq) at the wickets.Thus(Gfv‡e), one run is scored.

If the ball crosses(AwZµg K‡i) the boundary line(mxgvbv cÖvPxi), four runs are made. If it flies over the boundary line(mxgvbv cÖvPx‡ii evB‡i hvq), six runs are(nq) scored. After interval(weiwZi ci), the fielding group comes to bat and the batting group goes to field for fielding.

The team that scores more runs wins the game. The duration(mgq) of the game depends(wbf©i K‡i) on the fall of wicket or completion(cwic~Y©) of the over. Cricket is very popular(RbwcÖq) all over the world. I like it very much.

Thousand of people(nvRvi nvRvi gvbyl) see it being played on the pitch while(hLb) million others(A‡b¨iv) watch(Dc‡fvM K‡i †`‡L) it on their TV sets. Cricket stars become heroes of the public.

I like cricket the most because it is an open air game played in a very wide field and gives me an opportunity(my‡hvM †`q) to develop(DbœwZ K‡i) my health and skill of cooperation(wg‡jwg‡k _vKvi `¶Zv), team spirit(`‡ji A`g¨ kw³), handwork(K‡Vvi cwikªg), and fair play(wbi‡c¶ †Ljv).

It is played for longer duration (A‡bK mgq a‡i) and so helps in developing (Dbœq‡b) strength(kw³), stamina(¯ú„nv),endurance and sportsmanship. It also helps in bringing out the best of player.

It requires (`iKvi nq) a lot of patience (‰ah¨©), concentration (g‡bv‡hvM), right judgment (mwVK wePvi), application of mind and full dedication besides cooperation and team spirits.

Cricket teaches (wk¶v †`q) the players how to be helpful(mvnvh¨Kvix),kind(`qvjy) and charitable(Ab¨‡K †mev) to others. The true spirits of cricket is that of fair play, justice, selflessness (wbk¦v_©), operation (cÖ‡qvM), discipline (k„•Ljv), and struggle (msMÖvg) and never to admit defeat.

A good cricket player can face any odds cheerfully (nvwmgy‡L) and take (MÖnY K‡i) victory (Rq)and defeat(civRq)in his studies. Victory (Rq) and defeat (civRq)are the part of game (‡Ljvi Ask).The game of cricket brings (e‡q wb‡q Av‡m) the sense and spirits(¯ú„nv)of fair play (wbi‡c¶ †Ljv)into practice(Abykxjb).


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