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Write a essay on Your Childhood memories (For JSC, SSC, HSC Exam)

My Childhood memories
  (Avgvi ˆkke ¯§„wZ)
Memories of childhood mean (ej‡Z eySvq) some incidents (NUbv)of the past to be remembered (¯^i‡b Av‡m).Childhood is the sweetest period (Avb›`gq mgq) of human life (gvby‡li Rxe‡b). Childhood memories (¯§ywZ) are special (we‡kl) for everyone (cÖ‡Z¨‡Ki Rb¨).I have also some (wKQz) childhood (‰kke) memories in my life.(Avgvi Rxe‡b).

Nobody can forget (‡KDB fyj‡Z cv‡i bv) his/her childhood memories. My childhood days were very colorful (‰ewPÎgq).They were full of a lot of memorable (¯§ibxq) things and events.I can still (GLbI) remember(¯§iY Kwi) my childhood very much(‡ewk K‡i). I was born in a village named Purbagram in the thana of Mohammadpur where I passed (KvwU‡qwQjvg) my childhood (Avgvi ˆkke ¯§„wZ).

Many things (A‡bK wKQz)happened (N‡UwQj) in my childhood days, but I cannot remember(¯§iY Ki‡Z cvwi bv)all of them. My father was a government employee.(miKvix PvKzwiRxwe).
I was the youngest (me‡P‡q †QvU) son of my parents (evevgv‡qi).So, all the member of my family (cwiev‡ii me m`m¨) loved me very much (Lye fvjev‡m). They gave me everything.(Zviv mevB Avgv‡K fvjev‡m).

They took a great care of me (Zviv Lye hZœ wbZ). They bought for me nice toys(Zviv Avgvi Rb¨ PgrKvi †Ljbv wK‡b wb‡q AvmZ). My grandmother (Avgvi `v`xgv)was very fond of me(Avgv‡K Lye cQ›` KiZ). She told me many beautiful stories.(wZwb Avgv‡K A‡bK my›`i Mí ej‡Zb|).

I went to the village market with my father (Avwg evevi m‡½ MÖvg¨ evRv‡i †hZvg). I passed a happy time there (Avwg †mLv‡b Avb‡›` _vKZvg).My father bought sweetmeats.(evev Avgv‡K wgwó wK‡b w`‡Zb). But those happy days are now gone (wKš‘ Hw`b¸‡jv GLb Avm‡e bv).

When I was five years old (Avgvi hLb cvPu ermi eqm),then my birthday ceremony was held (ZLb Avgvi Rb¥w`b cvwjZ n‡qwQj).I was very happy on that day(Avwg Hw`b Lye Lywk n‡qwQjvg).Many relatives came to our house (A‡bK AvZ¡xq ¯^Rb Avgv‡`i evox‡Z G‡mwQj).They bought for me many nice things and toys.(Zviv Avgvi Rb¨ my›`i my›`i wRwbm I †Ljbv wK‡b G‡bwQj|)

I remember (Avgvi g‡b c‡o)when I first went to school at the age of six.(Qq eQi eq‡m Avwg hLb cÖ_g ¯‹z‡j wM‡qwQjvg).My first day at school was one of the memorable incidents of my life(¯‹z‡ji cÖ_g w`b Avgvi Rxe‡bi me‡P‡q ¯^iYxq NUbv).

The school was not far from our house (¯‹zjwU Avgvi evwo †_‡K †ewk `~‡i wQj bv).All the teachers were kind and loving. All the students of the class were friendly. I shall never forget them.(Avwg Zv‡`i‡K KLbI fyje bv)

There is a ground in front of my house (Avgvi evwoi mvg‡b GKwU †Ljvi gvV Av‡Q). Paddy (avb) and other crops (Ab¨vb¨ dmj) are grown (Rb¥v‡bv) in the ground. The golden color of the paddy field (‡mvbvjx av‡bi Rwg) attracted (AvK©lb K‡iwQj) me much.
Every afternoon (cÖ‡Z¨K we‡Kj‡ejv) after coming from school (¯‹zj †_‡K Avmvi ci),I went to my playground(Avwg †Ljvi gv‡V †hZvg)through the paddy field(av‡bi Rwgi g‡a¨ w`‡q).The paddy plants touched me.(avb MvQ Avgv‡K ¯úk© KiZ|)

My play ground was on the bank of a small river flowing by our house (Avgv‡`i evoxi cvk w`‡q e‡q hvIqv b`xi Zx‡i wQj Avgvi †Ljvi gvV). In the afternoon (weKvj‡ejv), I took part in games (wewfbœ †Ljvq Ask MÖnb KiZvg).

Sometimes (gv‡Sgv‡S), my playmates (‡Ljvi m½x) and I arranged sports competition (‡Ljv cÖwZ‡hvMxZvi Av‡qvRb KiZvg). Sagor, Tariqul, Basir, Nijam, Kamal were my close childhood friends (‰kk‡ei Kv‡Qi eÜz) and playmates. I shall never forget them and those days.(Avwg Zv‡`i‡K Ges H w`b¸‡jv fyje bv)

I got mixed in the midst of beauty of nature (Avwg cÖK…wZi ˆm›`‡h©i gv‡S wg‡k †hZvg) . I shall never forget those moments of my life (Avwg KLb I Rxe‡bi H mg¯— gyû©Z¸‡jv fyje bv). I can remember the happy days that passed with my friends.(Avwg eÜz‡`i mv‡_ my‡Li mgq ¯§ib K‡i Avb›` cvq)

My village primary school was also another interesting place (Avgvi MÖvg¨ cÖvBgvix ¯‹zj wQj H GKwU gRv`vi ¯‹z‡j). I used to go to school with my friends.(Avwg Avgvi eÜz‡`i mv‡_ ¯‹z‡j †hZvg). We would learn our lessons with great noise.(Avgiv kã K‡i Avgv‡`i cvV¸‡jv wkLZvg|)

We roamed about up and down in the whole village(MÖv‡gi GK cÖvš— †_‡K Aš— cÖvš— ch©š— Ny‡i †eovZvg) and plucked various summer’s fruits(MÖx‡¯§i wewfbœ ai‡bi Avg cvoZvg) and ate them heartily(‡m¸‡jv gRv K‡i †LZvg).

In winter morning(kx‡Zi mKv‡j) mother prepared different kinds of cakes(wewfbœ ai‡bi wcVv ˆZwi Ki‡Zb) and food with date juice(‡LRyi im w`‡q Lvevi ˆZwi Ki‡Zb|).We ate them with great pleasure(Avgiv †m¸‡jv Avb›`mnKv‡i †LZvg) and enjoyed basking in the morning sun(mKv‡ji †iv` †cvnvq Avb›` †cZvg).

I feel delight when I remember the memories of my childhood(Avgvi ˆkke ¯§„wZ ¯^iY K‡i Avb›`‡eva Kwi).The days, the months, the years go away(w`b hvq,gvm hvq,eQi P‡j hvq).My duties are increasing day by day(Avgvi KZ©e¨¸‡jv w`bw`b e„w× cv‡”Q). I always look for the days of my childhood (Avwg memgq Avgvi ˆkke¯§„wZ‡K †LvR Kwi).
I know that it is not possible to get back those days (Avwg Rvwb †h H mg¯— w`b¸‡jv †dir cvIqv m¤¢e bq).Therefore (AZÎe), it should not kill present days thinking the past days(AZxZ wPš—v K‡i eZ©gvb w`b¸‡jv bó Kiv DwPZ bq). Because, past is always past (KviY AZxZ memgq AZxZ).
I have left behind (‡d‡j G‡mwQ) the deep bond of love of my childhood days (Avgvi fvjjvMv ˆkke¯§„wZ‡K) but it thrills me with delight (wKš‘y Avgv‡K †ivgvÂKi Avb›` †`q) whenever (hLb) I look back in a flight of fancy.(Avwg gRvi w`b¸‡jvi w`‡K wd‡i hvq)


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