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Write an Application about holding science fair.

Application about holding science fair.

15 July, 2012
The Principal
X college

Subject : Prayer for holding a science fair.

With due respect, we would like to lay before you the following facts for your kind consideration and necessary action.
Modern age is the age of science. In every sphere of our life we feel the touch of science. The students of our college are very much interested in science. We believe that holding a science fair will enable our students to learn more about science. They will get opportunity to bring out their latent talents by presenting different projects on science. They will be able to find the ways of using science in our day to day life.  We will invite different reputed colleges of theDhakacity to participate in the fair. Our two science teachers have agreed to guide us in this regard. We will need 10,000/- taka to hold the fair successfully.
May we, therefore, pray and hope that you would be kind enough to grant our prayer and oblige thereby.

Yours obediently
The students of X College

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